ISBN 9789381115046,Broken Hearts

Broken Hearts



Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789381115046

ISBN-10 9381115044


Number of Pages 44 Pages
Language (English)


Broken Hearts is a tale of romance and heartbreak, told in flashback. It starts at the present time, and then moves back, tracing the life and relationship of the two protagonists, Jack and Catherine. It is a bittersweet love story, exploring the first love of two young lives. Jack and Catherine have known each other for years, and their friendship slowly transforms into love. Told from Jack's point of view, it explores all the anxieties, longings and dreams of an adolescent, when life is just opening out, and the future seems both inviting and challenging. As the two live a youthful dream, life intervenes with all its harsh realities. The young couple are then forced to make hard choices, which demonstrates their dawning maturity, but also results in heartbreak. The story is sad, sweet and short, told in just around forty pages. Written without any pretensions or fluff, a simple and straightforward narrative, it is a moving story of young love. Broken Hearts, written by a teenager and inspired by incidents in his own life, will certainly appeal to lovers of romantic fiction. About Shrenik Mutha Shrenik Mutha is an aspiring physicist and author. Broken Hearts is the Pune based author's first book. Shrenik Mutha wrote Broken Hearts when he was in his school final year. It is based on his own life and love story. Like the protagonists of the book, the author and 'his angel' also discovered that their relationship was not going to work out, and ended in a sad parting. The young author then decided to record and share his love story, not as a true autobiographical work, but as a basis for a fictional romance. The book has been well received by readers, and has also been appreciated writer and theatre personality Randhir Khare.

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