ISBN 9789382688501,BSWE 005 Introduction to HIV/AIDS

BSWE 005 Introduction to HIV/AIDS



Gullybaba Publishing House

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789382688501

ISBN-10 9382688501


Number of Pages 292 Pages
Language (English)


BSWE 5 Introduction to HIV AIDS CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Basic Facts about HIV AIDS Unit1 Global and National Scenario of HIV AIDS Unit2 HIV AIDS Disease Profile Unit3 Misconceptions of HIV AIDS STDs Unit4 History of HIV AIDS Block 2 HIV Transmission and Testing Unit1 Transmission of HIV through Sex Unit2 Transmission of HIV through Blood Unit3 Mother to Child Transmission of HIV Unit4 HIV Testing and Issues Involved Unit5 Moral Issues on HIV Testing Block 3 HIV AIDS Prevention: SocioEthical Issues Unit1 HIV AIDS Prevention and Control: Government Initiatives Unit2 HIV AIDS Prevention and Control: Personal Aspects Unit3 Continum of Care Unit4 Societal Influences on HIV AIDS Transmission and Prevention Unit5 HIV AIDS and Ethical Issues Unit6 Life Skills in the Context of Adolescent Education Block 4 HIV AIDS and Vulerable Population Unit1 HIV AIDS and Women Unit2 HIV AIDS and Children Unit3 HIV AIDS and Substance Abuse Unit4 STDs and their Management Unit5 HIV AIDS and the Workplace Block 5 HIV AIDS Education and Care Unit1 HIV AIDS and it's Implication for Individual, Family and Community Unit2 HIV AIDS Education and Behaviour Modification Unit3 Care of the Person with HIV AIDS Unit4 Care of the Terminally III Block 6 AIDS, Law and Human Rights Unit1 HIV AIDS and Law Unit2 Rights of People Living with HIV AIDS (PHLAs) Unit3 HIV AIDS Related International Legislations QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper June 2010 2. Solution Paper Dec 2010 3. Solution Paper June 2011 4. Solution Paper Dec 2011 5. Solution Paper June 2012 6. Solution Paper Dec 2012