ISBN 9781401924003,Buddha Meditations Cards

Buddha Meditations Cards


Lisa Williams


Hay House India



Hay House India

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9781401924003

ISBN-10 140192400X


Language (English)

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A limited edition boxed set of 10 beautifully illustrated meditation cards inspired by the Buddha and his teachings A part of the Hay House Meditation Collection, this is a limited edition set of beautifully illustrated cards inspired by the Buddha and his teachings. Using a rich palette of colors, the exquisite portraits of the Buddha have a contemporary aesthetic, yet evoke the traditional wisdom of Buddhist thought. Inside each card on the lower left side is a quote by the Buddha specially chosen as a thought upon which to meditate; the rest of the card is blank. Whether given individually or as a set of 10 cards and envelopes, the Buddha Meditation Cards make a perfect gift. In set 1, the Buddha is rendered in the Dharmachakra Mudra, a Buddhist hand pose that symbolizes the role of the teacher and typically represents the turning of the wheel of the Dharma.