ISBN 9780007251629,Buddha: Prince Ajatasattu (Volume - 7)

Buddha: Prince Ajatasattu (Volume - 7)




Harper Collins



Harper Collins

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780007251629

ISBN-10 0007251629


Number of Pages 429 Pages
Language (English)


Osamu Tezuka. the godfather of Japanese graphic art, brings ancient India to life, lavishly retching the We and tines of the enlightened one in his criticaily acclaimed eight-book raasterpiect BUD ON A The fates of real and imagined characters are deftly interwoven as they engage in fresh anol unexpected adventwes. playing out Tezuka's philosophical concern with overcoming fate and the uselessness of violence. In the kingdom of Magadha, young Prince Rjatasattu agonizes over the prophecy that claims he will one day murder his own father. Bedding that the prediction Is false, he believes that the Buddha Is to blame and must pay for the rift it has caused between father and son. Meanwhile, the Buddha's closest disciple. Devtulatta. is seduced by the political opportunities offered by the discord in Magadha, ant' urges his master to take full advantage of them. About the Author Osamu Tezuka (1928-89) is the godfather of Japanese graphic novels. A genuine intellectual, deeply familiar with Western culture from the Bible to Goethe to Hollywood, Tezuka originally intended to become a doctor and received an M.D. Though many have followed his example, it is still Tezuka who draws the deepest awe with his sweeping vision, deftly intertwined plots, persuasive characters, feel for the workings of power, and above all, an indefatigable commitment to human dignity and the sanctity of life.