ISBN 9788190402972,Buddhist Literary Heritage In India, Vol. I (Samiksika Series No. 1)

Buddhist Literary Heritage In India, Vol. I (Samiksika Series No. 1)



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788190402972

ISBN-10 8190402978

Hard Back

Number of Pages 182 Pages
Language (English)


The National Mission for Manuscripts was established in Feb. 2003 by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Government of India. Its purpose is to locate, document, preserve and disseminate the knowledge content of Indian manuscripts. The Mission, through its nation-wide network and documentation efforts, is engaged in preserving and rendering accessible India's textual heritage, seeking to link the knowledge of the past with the future. The mission organizes seminars on various subjects related to Indian knowledge in different locations of India. The papers presented in the seminars are collected and brought out under the Samiksika Series. Contents Preface Key to Transliteration Introduction/RATNA BASU Keynote Address/BISWANATH BANERJEE Chap. 1 : Buddhist Literary Texts/Michael Hahn Chap. 2 : Glimpses of Buddhist Canons and their Divisions/Satkari Mukhopadhyaya Chap. 3 : Buddhist Cultural Heritage in Pali and Sanskrit/Baidyanath Labh Chap. 4 : Tibetan Tradition as Complementary to Indian Tradition/Mrinal Kanti Gangopadhyay Chap. 5 : Buddhism and Indo-Tibetan Literature : A Survey of Xylographs and Manuscripts in India/S.K. Pathak Chap. 6 : Pali Literature of Pagan (Pagan Period)/Devaprasad Guha Chap. 7 : Aspects of Buddhist Tantric Texts : The Sadhana Literature/Karunesh Shukla Chap. 8 : Tantras : Transcendence and Tumescence/Lokesh Chandra Chap. 9 : Suttas Expounding Vipassana/Angraj Choudhary Chap. 10 : A Brief Analysis of the Content, Literary Style and Language of the Bhadrakalpavadana/Kakali Ghosh Chap. 11 : The Text of the Vasundharavratotpattyavadana : A Sanskrit Buddhist Narrative/Ratna Basu Chap. 12 : The Implication of the Word abhranta (non-illusory) in Dharmakirti's Definition of Perception/Sanjit Kumar Sadhukhan Chap. 13 : Buddhism as Revealed in the Image Inscriptions of Early India/Jagatpati Sarkar Chap. 14 : A Brief Survey of the Buddhist Literary Heritage Contained in the Kurram Copper Casket Inscription/Debarchana Sarkar