ISBN 9788130928777,Building Left Brain Power

Building Left Brain Power



Viva Books Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9788130928777

ISBN-10 8130928779

Paper Back

Number of Pages 320 Pages
Language (English)

Self Help

A mood and mental-energy enhancer that works like magic Neurophysiologists Damasio and Drevets have shown that the left hemisphere is specialized for positive emotions. This is only one of many published studies that confirm the remarkably productive mental energy and sense of satisfaction that is typical of activities processed in the left hemisphere.
Mental exercises so much fun they are almost addictive Though the exercises in this book build on neuroscientific research they are cleverly designed to be fun to do. Fourteen fascinating puzzle formats exercises brain circuits used to cope with real world problems. How to solve each new format is clearly explained. Every one of the 104 puzzle-exercises is graded from easy to advanced with start-up strategy advice and optional hints to guide the reader toward a satisfying solution.
Little-known learning tips from the research labs In addition, The Brainwaves Centre’s editors have combed research in the neurosciences to extract 87 down-to-earth ways to speed learning and help commit information to memory. Many of these findings have never before been made available to the public in non-technical terms.
Contents: Introduction • Analocks • Alphabetics • Number Lockers • Possible Pairs • Word Wheels • Real-Life Logic • Addlocks • Left-Hemi Memory • Digi-Clues • Problematic • Anasearches • Algebra Games • Magic Squares • Codebreakers • Solutions • Refrences