ISBN 9788130907970,Building States to Build Peace

Building States to Build Peace



Lynne Rienner Publishers

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788130907970

ISBN-10 8130907976


Number of Pages 450 Pages
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There is increasing consensus among scholars and policy analysts that successful peace building can occur only in the context of capable state institutions. But how can legitimate and sustainable states best be established in the aftermath of civil wars? And what role should international actors play in supporting the vital process?

Addressing these questions, this state-of-the-art volume explores the core challenges involved in institutionalizing post conflict states. The combination of thematic chapters and in-depth case studies covers the full range of the most vexing and diverse problems confronting domestic and international actors seeking to build states while building peace.

Table of Contents
Charles T. Call is assistant professor of international relations at American University. Editor of Constructing Justice and Security After War, he has conducted field research on post conflict issues in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Central America, Haiti, Kosovo, and West Africa.

Vanessa Wyeth is on the staff of the International Peace Institute, where she focuses on issues of state building and peace building. Prior to joining the IPI, she worked for the UN in Kosovo and conducted research Rwanda and Niger

Table of Contents
Foreword-Terje Rod Larsen.
Ending Wars, Building States-Charles T. Call
The Politics of Security in Post conflict State building-Barnett R. Rubin
Participation and State Legitimation-Katia Papagianni
Peace building and Public Finance-Michael Carnahan and Clare Lockhart
Postconflict Economic Policy-Paul Collier
Justice and the Rule of Law-Erik G. Jensen
Bottom-Up State building?-William Reno
Practical Approaches to Building State Institutions-Sarah Cliffe and Nick Manning
Part 2 CASES
Somalia: Governance vs. State building-Kenneth Menkhaus
Palestine: Building Neither Peace Nor State-Rex Brynen
Bosnia and Herzegovina: The Limits of Liberal Imperialism-Marcus Cox
East Timor: Statebuilding Revisted-Edit Bowles and Tanja Chopra
Afghanistan: Nationally Led State building-Jake Sherman
Liberia: The Risks of Rebuilding a Shadow State-Mike McGovern
Building States to Build Peace?-Charles T. Call
The contributors