ISBN 9781259028519,Buiseness, Government, And Society: A Managerial Perspective

Buiseness, Government, And Society: A Managerial Perspective



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9781259028519

ISBN-10 1259028518


Edition 12th
Number of Pages 656 Pages
Language (English)


Business, Government, and Society, by Steiner and Steiner, tells the story of how forces in business, government and society shape our world. While current events move rapidly over the surface of the subject matter, the underlying principles and relationships at its core lie undisturbed. The Twelfth edition of this popular textbook is equipped with new chapter opening stories and cases that reflect current concerns in a changing environment. The thorough blend of history and todays events help students understand the entire context of forces at work in business, government, and society. Table of Contents 1. The Study of Business, Government, and Society 2. The Dynamic Environment 3. Business Power 4. Critics of Business 5. Corporate Social Responsibility 6. Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility 7. Business Ethics 8. Making Ethical Decisions in Business 9. Business in Politics 10. Regulation of Business 11. Multinational Corporations 12. Globalization 13. Industrial Pollution and Environmental Policy 14. Managing Environmental Quality 15. Consumerism 16. The Changing Workplace 17. Civil Rights in the Workplace 18. Corporate Governance