ISBN 9780521743686,Business Benchmark Advanced: Student's Book Bec Higher Edition With 3 Audio Cds

Business Benchmark Advanced: Student's Book Bec Higher Edition With 3 Audio Cds



Cambridge University Press

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780521743686

ISBN-10 0521743680


Number of Pages 192 Pages
Language (English)

Entrance Exams Preparation

Business Benchmark is a brand new Business English course at three levels. It helps students get ahead fast with their Business English vocabulary and skills, and gives them grammar practice in business contexts. It also helps students prepare for the internationally recognised Cambridge ESOL BULATS (Business Language Testing Service) Tests or BEC exams.

Key features
24 short units, covering important vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking skills for business.
Grammar workshops providing extra grammar practice in business contexts.
An 'Exam practice' section with authentic BULATS Test papers from Cambridge ESOL.
An 'Exam skills' section, with exam-type tasks which give students detailed preparation for all the papers in the BULATS Test.
Authentic interviews with real business people available on audio CD.
Up-to-date business language in a range of contexts from 'Investments' to 'Staff development'.
Up-to-date business language in a range of contexts from 'Competitive advantage' to 'Expanding abroad'.
Up-to-date business language in a range of contexts from 'Financing start-ups' to 'Offshoring and outsourcing'.
'Task tips' giving advice on how to approach different task-types.
Sample compositions for writing activities.
CD-ROM containing a complete BULATS Test supplied by Cambridge ESOL, so students can practise for the BULATS Computer Test.
Answer keys and transcripts, so students can check their own progress.

The Personal Study Book contains:
Extra vocabulary, grammar and skills activities, based on the Student's Book units.
Complete Word list containing core business vocabulary from the Student's Book.
Full answer key to all its exercises.

The Teacher's Resource Book provides:
A wide range of supplementary photocopiable material, including complete extra lessons.
Information about how the activities in each unit relate to the BEC Vantage exam and the BULATS Test.
Notes on each unit with advice and suggestions for alternative treatments.
Answer key to all the exercises in the photocopiable activities.
Complete answer key to all exercises in the Student's Book, including the Exam skills and Exam practice section for both BEC and BULATS.
Complete Student's Book transcripts with answers underlined.
Information about the Common European Framework and how this course relates to it.
Checklist of 'Can Do' statements for students at upper-intermediate level.

Table Of Contents
1. Corporate culture
2. Leaders and managers
3. Internal communications
4. Chairing meetings Grammar workshop I (Units 1 - 4)
5. Customer relationships
6. Competitive advantage
7. A proposal
8. Presenting at meetings Grammar workshop 2 (Units 5 - 8)
9. Advertising and customers
10. Advertising and the Internet
11. Sales reports
12. The sales pitch Grammar workshop 3 (Units 9 - 12)
13. Forecasts and results
14. Financing the arts
15. Late payers
16. Negotiating a lease Grammar workshop 4 (Units 13 - 16)
17. Workplace atmosphere
18. The workforce of the future
19. Productivity
20. Staff negotiations Grammar workshop 5 (Units 17 - 20)
21. Corporate ethics
22. Expanding abroad
23. An overseas partnership
24. A planning conference Grammar workshop 6 (Units 21 - 24)
Communication activities
Contents of exam section
Answer keys