ISBN 9780070435773,Business Communication Strategies

Business Communication Strategies



Tata Mcgraw Hill

Publication Year 2001

ISBN 9780070435773

ISBN-10 0070435774

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Number of Pages 272 Pages
Language (English)

Business communication & presentation

Because communication is a battle. A battle for the communicate's heart and mind. Dr Monippally introduces you to the strategies you ought to adopt if you want to communicate effectively and get ahead in the corporate world. It is full of practical tips presented in an engaging, conversational style, richly illustrated with humourours anecdotes and cartoons. These are some of the tough questions Dr Monippally answers lucidly.

Why do we misunderstand one another?
What makes communicating with foreigners risky?
How can we extract maximum advantage out of telephoning and teleconferencing?
How can we make our letters, memos and e-mails smart and readable?
Why do many well-prepared presentations fail to click?
How should we write reports that command respect and proposals that persuade?
Professor Monippally has enlivened the book not only through his expertise but also through telling examples, cartoons and graphs. Prof Pradip N Khandwalla from the foreword