ISBN 9788120346932,Business Forecasting

Business Forecasting



Phi Learning

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788120346932

ISBN-10 8120346939


Edition 9th
Number of Pages 572 Pages
Language (English)

Business & management

The ninth edition ofBusiness Forecastingcontinues to present the basic statistical techniques that are useful for preparing individual business forecasts and long-range plans. The book is written in a simple straightforward style and makes extensive use of practical business examples. Sixty-five cases appear at the end of chapters to provide the necessary link between theoretical concepts and their real-world applications. The emphasis is on the application of techniques by management for decision making.

Following are the new or improved features in this edition:

Twelve new cases and thirty-two new problems have been added.
Data sets have been updated.
An example of how to use Minitab 15 in a forecasting situation is demonstrated at the end of most chapters.
An example of how to use Excel 2003 to solve a forecasting problem is demonstrated at the end of most chapters.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction to Forecasting
Chapter 2: A Review of Basic Statistical Concepts
Chapter 3: Exploring Data Patterns and an Introduction to Forecasting Techniques
Chapter 4: Moving Averages and Smoothing Methods
Chapter 5: Time Series and Their Components
Chapter 6: Simple Linear Regression
Chapter 7: Multiple Regression Analysis
Chapter 8: Regression with Time Series Data
Chapter 9: The Box-Jenkins (ARIMA) Methodology
Chapter 10: Judgmental Forecasting and Forecast Adjustments
Chapter 11: Managing the Forecasting Process
Appendix A: Data for Case 7-1
Appendix B: Tables
Appendix C: Data Sets and Databases

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