ISBN 9788174466556,Business Perspectives

Business Perspectives


S Prabakaran


Excel Books



Excel Books

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788174466556

ISBN-10 817446655X


Number of Pages 21 Pages
Language (English)


Knowledge of Indian economic environment is somewhat necessary to understand the different perspectives of Business as a system. In this book, the author has provided a detailed analysis of business objectives, ethics and values. This book exhaustively deals with today?s modern business environment. It has twenty eight chapters, dealing with the different components of business environment. The book is written in a simple language in order to help the students to understand the concepts in an effective manner. Various examples are given in the book, to support the text, from domestic as well as global backgrounds. Seven case studies have been provided in the book to enable the students to understand the nature of cases in different business perspectives. The reference of special economics zones and economic reforms in India has been provided in the appendices. On the whole, it is a comprehensive and simple book on business perspectives. Table of Contents Nature and Scope of Business Forms of Business Enterprise Public Sector Enterprises Business as a System Business and Environment Interface Business Objectives Business Ethics and Values Corporate Governance National Income Indian Agriculture Related Issues Relationship among Government, Business and Industry Industrial Policy Privatisation Problems and Prospects of Small Scale Industries Industrial Growth of India Industrial Sickness Status of Entrepreneurship in India Social Responsibilities of Business Technology Environment Monetary Policy Fiscal Policy Finances of Union and States Features of Global Business Globalisation Infrastructure Development (Infrastructure Perspectives) Multinational Corporations International Business Risks

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