ISBN 9781259001857,Business Research Methods

Business Research Methods



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9781259001857

ISBN-10 1259001857


Edition 11th
Number of Pages 988 Pages
Language (English)

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The Eleventh Edition of Business Research Methods continues to provide the most timely, richest, and most comprehensive coverage of the research experience in Business Research Methods. Students and instructors will find thorough coverage of all business research topics backed by solid theory. The expertise and practical experience is evident in the realistic Snapshots, Close-Ups, Pic Profiles, and case studies found throughout the text. TABLE OF CONTENTS Part I: Introduction to Business Research 1. Research in Business Appendix 1a: How the Research Industry Works 2. Ethics in Business Research 3. Thinking Like a Researcher 4. The Research Process: An Overview 5. Clarifying the Research Question through Secondary Data and Exploration Appendix 5a: Bibliographic Database Searches Appendix 5b: Advanced Searches Part II: The Design of Business Research 6. Research Design: An Overview 7. Qualitative Research 8. Observation Studies 9. Experiments 10. Surveys Appendix 10a: Complex Experimental Designs Appendix 10b: Test Markets Part III: The Sources and Collection of Data 11. Measurement 12. Measurement Scales 13. Questionnaires and Instruments Appendix 13a: Crafting Effective Measurement Questions Appendix 13b: Pretesting Options and Discoveries 14. Sampling Appendix 14a: Determining Sample Size Part IV: Analysis and Presentation of Data 15. Data Preparation and Description Appendix 15a: Describing Data Statistically 16. Exploring, Displaying, and Examining Data 17. Hypothesis Testing 18. Measures of Association 19. Multivariate Analysis: An Overview 20. Presenting Insights and Findings: Written Reports 21. Presenting Insights and Findings: Oral Presentations Appendices: A. Business Research Requests and Proposals (with Sample RFP) B. Focus Group Discussion Guide C. Nonparametric Significance Tests D. Selected Statistical Tables