ISBN 9788192153599,Businesswise: Words Of Wisdom For Small Businesses With Big Ambitions

Businesswise: Words Of Wisdom For Small Businesses With Big Ambitions



Prolibris Publishing Media Ltd.

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788192153599

ISBN-10 8192153592


Language (English)

Business & Economics

If you are starting a business, or considering doing so, BusinessWise is the book for you. A collaboration amongst over 20 business experts, this book looks at the whole process of setting up a new business with success in mind. It covers a wide range of topics including business set up and vision, marketing (including using the internet), selling, finance, working in and managing teams, working from home and beating procrastination, networking internationally, getting the right message out in the right language, health and fitness and collaboration. The authors, all life members of the network, are experts in their subject area and have shared many tips and ideas here that they would normally only reveal in training sessions or paid consultancy. The result is a book that provides insights and guidance to new or potential business people as well as existing business owners. Read it with a pencil or highlighter to hand. You'll need it! Starting up in business is fraught with pitfalls and problems. The rewards of a successful business, however, outweigh the risk. This book provides valuable help from a number of entrepreneurs that have succeeded. The authors believe that if you put people together, magic will happen. The right people will find each other and work together. New ideas and projects will be born. About The Authors Edited by Andy Coote and Mindy Gibbins Klein Written by Andy Fairweather | Rob Hook | Alan Rae | Marieke Hensel | Barbara Saul | Marcus Cauchi | Richard J White | Ellis Pratt | William Buist | Mark Lee | Liam Wall | Simon Phillips | Nicole Bachmann | Judith Germain | Mindy Gibbins-Klein | Pierre Leonard | Elaine Gold | Tom Evans