ISBN 9789350676301,By Mistake

By Mistake


Viveik Pandit


Iweall Read



Iweall Read

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789350676301

ISBN-10 9350676303


Number of Pages 202 Pages
Language (English)

Short stories

The story takes places in Lucknow and gradually moves through other parts of India. Shantanu is the protagonist of By Mistake. Upon completing his MBA in Munich, he returns to India, but not before being dumped by his longtime girlfriend. After reuniting with his friends, he heads to Delhi where he unexpectedly meets his childhood sweetheart Kavita, throwing the plot of Pandit's book into motion.

After their college years, Kavita had married Rajeev who frequently physically abused her. Eventually, she leaves him with her two year old son in hand and settles in a teacher's position in Nainital. When Shantanu rediscovers Kavita, he begins to spend more time with her, even helping out a few of the students where she teaches. Eventually, Shantanu's feelings reignite for Kavita and he proposes to her, but she declines him. Heartbroken but not losing hope, Shantanu commits himself to getting Kavita back. He supports her as she completes her divorce from Rajeev and also in retaining custody of her son, Adi. As Shantanu gets more and more involved in helping Kavita, it leaves readers wondering if this would bring the pair back together?

Although Pandit's story is deceptively simple, his portrayal of the characters brings this simple storyline to life. Through Shantanu, readers will get a glimpse into the protagonist's "mind speak", which is a rare territory explored in the modern literary era. By Mistake was published in 2012.