ISBN 9788126516155,C# 2008 For Dummies

C# 2008 For Dummies



Wiley India Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788126516155

ISBN-10 8126516151


Number of Pages 456 Pages
Language (English)


The book is aimed at novice programmers with no prior C# programming experience and begins with creating your first C# program then moves into C# and OO programming fundamentals, Windows programming and coverage of generics. The book is divided into sections including: Creating your first C# program - gets the reader creating and Windows and Console application immediately. Basic C# programming - variables, operators Object - based programming - classes and arrays, class methods for C# Object-oriented programming - OO primer, inheritance, handling C# files, exceptions Windows Programming - Creating Windows applications with C# and Visual Studio Part of 10?s - Debugging, errors, and C#, C++ and Java comparisons Table of contents : Introduction Part I Getting Started with C# Creating Your First C# Console Application Part II Basic C# Programming Living with Variability - Declaring Value-Type Variables Smooth Operators Getting into the Program Flow Lining Up Your Ducks with Collections Pulling Strings Part III Using Objects Showing Some Class We Have Our Methods Let Me Say This about this Object-Oriented Programming - What?s It All About? Part IV Object-Oriented Programming Holding a Class Responsible Inheritance - Is That All I Get? Poly-what-ism? Interfacing with the Interface Part V Now Showing In C# 30 Delegating Those Important Events Mary Had a Little Lambda Expression LINQing Up with Query Expressions Part VI The Part of Tens Ten Common Build Errors (And How to Fix Them) Index Market Description : Primary Audience: Students, novice programmers/Microsoft developers new to Visual Studio and C# and want to learn the language Secondary Audience: Java and C++ programmers that have no prior C# programming experience and need to learn C#. About Author : Stephen Randy Davis is the best-selling author of numerous books and articles including "C++ for Dummies "C++ Weekend Crash Course "C# for Dummies" and "C# Weekend Crash Course". Randy has been programming for over 30 years. He currently works for L-3 Communications in the area of Homeland Defense. Charles Sphar Chuck has been programming in some capacity for over 17 years, and most recently was a full-time senior technical writer for the Visual C++ product group at Microsoft, focused on the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) for more than 6 years. Chuck is the author of three previous books, C# 2005 For Dummies, Object-Oriented Programming Power for THINK Pascal Programmers and Learn Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Now (Microsoft Press). Chuck has programmed in some ten languages but currently enjoys programming in C# and Visual Basic. He also taught college writing and technical writing for twelve years. Chuck promotes the book on

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