ISBN 9788183333795,C,C++ & Data Structures

C,C++ & Data Structures


Dani Kanetkar


BPB Publications



BPB Publications

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788183333795

ISBN-10 8183333796


Number of Pages 626 Pages
Language (English)


Without doubt C, C++ and Data Structures?are the three topics that one has to master to be able to start a career in software. C programming will help you understand the basic elements of a programming language and how to create simple and workable programs. C++ which is built on top of C, would help you understand how to model the program using the Object Oriented Programming methodology and how t build complex programs that work in real life. Choosing the right way to organize the data while creating C/C++ programs is what would make your programs better from organization and efficiency standpoint. This book teaches you C, C++ and Data Structures through several example programs. This is because no amount of theory is good unless you are able to see it at work in a program.

Each chapter in this book has been designed to create a deep and lasting impression on the reader's mind. "If taught through examples, any concept becomes easy to grasp. This book follows this dictum faithfully. Yashavant has crafted well though out programming examples for every aspect of C, C++ and Data Structures.

Salient Features

  • Well commented programs with output for easy understanding

  • C Functions Arrays, Strings and Structures covered in great detail

  • Detailed explanation of difficult concepts like "Pointers"

  • OOPs concepts explained in simple and easy to understand manner

  • C++ Objects and classes, Inheritance and Polymorphism covered in detail

  • Programming examples of stacks, Queues, Linked Lists, Trees & Graphs

  • Through treatment of advanced concepts like typecasting, RTTI & STL

  • End of chapter exercises to help you hone your skills

  • Written by best-selling author of Let Us C and Let Us C++

Table Of Contents
1. Getting Started
2. Functions & pointers
3. Arrays
4. Structures, Enums & Unions
5. Introduction to OOPs
6. Graduating To C++
7. Functions in C++
8. Classes and Objects
9. Inheritance
10 Polymorphism
11. Linked Lists
12. Stacks
13. Queues
14. Trees
15. Searching & Sorting
16. Graphics
17. Standard Template Library
Appendix A: Compilation & Execution