ISBN 9789350238172,C Inteview Q & A

C Inteview Q & A


Shroff Publishers



Shroff Publishers

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9789350238172

ISBN-10 9350238179


Number of Pages 244 Pages
Language (English)


C language is one of the most fundamental programming techniquesand has a huge importance in software and electronic industries.Almost all software companies conduct Technical Aptitude Testsbased on C language in their recruitment process. C Languagequestions are frequently asked in technical Interviews as well. Theproficiency in C Language is also important to crack the GATEComputer Science examination.
C language is part of the syllabus of various engineeringdisciplines, BCA, MCA and MSc (Computer Science) curriculums. Dueto academic curriculum students become familiar with C, but veryfew of them have command over C language. The questions asked inthe recruitment process are tricky and it tests the in-depthknowledge of C syntax, logical, analytical and debugging abilitiesof the students. By keeping these things in our mind, we areproposing a book which covers almost all different types ofobjective questions asked on C Language. We have also given anexplanation to each answer; this is useful to students in makingthem understand the answer and concept completely. All questionsdiscussed in the book are tested in MD-DOS Turbo C environment andutmost care has been taken to give precise answers.
The proposed book would be useful for students of differentengineering branches who are willing to pursue their career inSoftware Industries. The book is also useful to MCA, BSc andMSc(Computer Science) and MCS students. Also the book would bequite useful to crack the GATE Computer Science examination.

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