ISBN 9781259098338,C Programming In Easy Steps

C Programming In Easy Steps



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9781259098338

ISBN-10 1259098338


Number of Pages 192 Pages
Language (English)

Technical course

C Programming in Easy Steps is a guidebook to help readers learn the fundamental principles which are required to design large - scale software systems.

C Programming in Easy Steps first explains how to download and install a free C compiler on the computer, so that learners can immediately start executing programs in the chapter titled Setting Constant Values, readers will come across topics like how to create a constant type and how to debug definitions. Those who want to learn about supplying arguments and restricting accessibility, can find the chapter titled Employing Functions to be useful.

In C Programming in Easy Steps, McGrath shows how to read, copy, join and manipulate strings in the chapter, Building Structures, readers will have the opportunity to learn how to use pointers in structures. Designing large - scale software systems is a challenging task. Hence, this book focuses on the two most important concepts that are used in this field the first one is loose coupling among modules and the second is strong internal cohesion in modules.

These are both explained through a case study based on Linux kernel. Furthermore, this guidebook also elaborates on how to reengineer softwares. The author introduces the practical usage of the concepts of object orientation in large - scale systems. Throughout C Programming in Easy Steps, readers will come across example programs, along with screenshots that show step - by - step execution. The book is paired with a CD, which allows learners to write C++ drivers for BOSS - MOOL Linux Systems.

This book is useful for anyone studying C programming in school or in college. Those who want to become programmers can also find it to be useful. The fourth edition of C Programming in Easy Steps, published by Tata McGraw - Hill Education in 2013, is available as a paperback.