ISBN 9788176355865,C# Unleashed

C# Unleashed


Joseph Mayo






Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788176355865

ISBN-10 8176355860


Number of Pages 794 Pages
Language (English)

Computer And Internet

C# Unleashed is a reference for developers who believe in shipping code. Written for professinals ,this book addresses the needs of programmers used to working in other languages. Table of Contents Introduction. I. C# BASICS. 1. The C# Environment. 2. Getting Started with C#. 3. Writing C# Expressions. 4. Using Statements and Loops to Control Program Flow. 5. Debugging and Pre-Processing. II. OBJECT AND COMPONENT PROGRAMMING WITH C#. 6. Object and Component Concepts. 7. Working with Classes. 8. Designing Object-Oriented Programs. 9. Overloading Class Members and Operators. . 10. Handling Exceptions and Errors. 11. Delegates and Events. 12. Organizing Code with Namespaces. 13. Creating structs. 14. Implementing Interfaces. 15. Performing Conversions. III. USING CLASS LIBRARIES WITH C#. 16. Presenting Graphical User Interfaces. 17. File I/O and Serialization. 18 - XML. 19. Database Programming with ADO.NET. 20. Writing Web Applications with ASP.NET. 21 - Remoting. 22. Web Services. IV. EXTREME C#. 23. Multi-Threading. 24. Browsing the Network Libraries. 25. String Manipulation. 26. C# Collections. 27 - Attributes. 28 - Reflection. 29. Localization and Resources. 30. Unsafe Code and Pinvoke. 31. Runtime Debugging. 32. Performance Monitoring. 33. Integrating C# with COM. V. THE C# ENVIRONMENT. 34. Garbage Collection. 35. Cross-Language Programming with C#. 36. The Common Language Runtime. 37. Versioning and Assemblies. 38. Securing Code. VI - APPENDIXES.

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