ISBN 9781107400917,Cambridge Express Students Book 2 With Interactive Cd

Cambridge Express Students Book 2 With Interactive Cd



Cambridge University Press

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9781107400917

ISBN-10 1107400910

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Language (English)

Literature fiction

English for the primary and the secondary school levels, aims at developing learners' language and communication skills through carefully designed, interactive tasks and exercises. In view of the rapid changes in the English language over the last decade, Cambridge Express also aims to equip learners with self-learning skills. The course adopts a novel approach that provides opportunities for learners to interact with textual material, internalise the structure and logic of the language, and create fresh content.

Key features
Focus on the development of learner competence in the language skills and their application in day-to-day communication
A wide selection of reading material that provides an insight into a variety of cultures and promotes international understanding
Integrated exercises designed to improve learners' vocabulary and grammar and apply them in real-life situations
Tasks with varying degrees of complexity to cater (or learners with different learning styles
Exposure to good models of spoken communication on the audio CD

The components at each level
Student's Book
Student's Book with Interactive CD
Literature Reader
Teacher's Book

Table of Contents
Map of the Book
1. The Fox in the Well
2. Brave Children of lndia
3. King of Birds
4. The Helpful Ghost
5. Brick, Wood or Bamboo
6. The Story of Band-Aid
7. l'm Not Afraid of Dogs
8. India's Favourite Fruit
9. Three Good Friends
10. The Little Red Hen