ISBN 9781107665927,Cambridge Listening And Speaking For Schools 1

Cambridge Listening And Speaking For Schools 1



Cambridge University Press

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9781107665927

ISBN-10 1107665922


Number of Pages 80 Pages
Language (English)

English Learning & Teaching

A Push Towards Real English For The Real World!
Cambridge Listening And Speaking For Schools Is An Innovative Ten-Level Communication Series For Non-Native Speakers Of English. This Course Carefully Prepares Learners For Using Real English In Authentic And Relevant Contexts. The Series Uses Simple, Direct And Practicable Teaching Methods, With Intelligent And Interesting Tasks Such As Activities, Games, Quizzes, Role Plays And Even Traditional Drills That Tease The Learner Into A Higher Level Of Fluency In The Spoken Language. The Users Of This Series Will Be Able To Listen To And Speak English Using Language That Is Age-Appropriate, Contemporary And Is Used Globally. The Tasks Focus On Building Skills And The Emphasis Is As Much On The Methods As It Is On The Outcomes Of Learning. The Series Visually And Thematically Brings The English Language Closer To The Lives Of Our Learners, Across The Country And The World.
Key Features
Units Built Around Themes Which Are Contemporary And Relevant, Encouraging Real-Life Language Use
Games, Activities And Puzzles To Reinforce Language Learning In A Fun Way
Three Revision Units For Every Level To Recycle And Reinforce Learnt Language And Skills
Audio Cd With Recordings In Received Pronunciation, Ensuring Exposure To Internationally Spoken English
New! Breakout Activities After Every Unit To Make Skill Building Collaborative, Communicative And Fun Course Components
Books With Audio Cds Available For Students From Classes 1 To 9 And For Class 11
Teachers Manuals, Which Include Solutions, Listening Texts, Phonetic Charts, Extension Activities And Teaching Tips, Available For Teachers From Classes 1 To 9 And For Class 11
Web Support, Which Includes Revision Units And Extra Exercises, Available For Teachers From Classes 1 To 9 And For Class 11
Bumblebee, What Can You See?
My Home And My Family
Going To School
Saving Kew Mew
Revision Unit 1
My Classroom
Whats In Your Lunch Box?
Our Garden
Me And My Pet
Revision Unit 2
My Tooth
At The Park
A Rainy Day
Monkey Business
Revision Unit 3
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