ISBN 9788129117816,Campus Cola

Campus Cola


Kumar N



Rupa Publications India

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788129117816

ISBN-10 8129117819


Number of Pages 372 Pages
Language (English)


At fortythree, Hucky's life is torn apart. He's jilted (his young lover doesn't fancy him anymore), jobless (his boss wants him to take a break and recharge), totally messed up and is battling the blues. Since nostalgia is therapeutic, he decides to pen a book on his fun drenched salad days at Defcoms, a Bangalore based medical college that churns out doctors for the armed forces. He recalls a journey pulsating with adventure, ragging, grueling regimen, romance, road trips rustication, dares, foreigner babes, power politics, drug addiction, gang warfare, academic gloominess, comical events, draconian rules, a Zen master, philosophy, God consciousness and rebellion. What's more, the delightful campus romp is energized by an eccentric genius, an avid bettor, two brawny dudes, a war cry shouter, a planner of wild schemes (all part of the 'Maniacs' gang) and a few mushy lovers who make life unbelievably colorful. Seen through the right prism of seven maverick minds, it's as psychedelic a journey as the LSD trips Hucky loves. Just when he, getting numbed again by melancholy, Hucky and Paddy, a nephew he's shacking up with, drink a death cocktail, meet God and find their lives racing towards a magical, delightful new beginning.

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