ISBN 9789057026041,Cancer Cell Metabolism and Cancer Treatment

Cancer Cell Metabolism and Cancer Treatment



Routledge a Taylor & Francis Group

Publication Year 2001

ISBN 9789057026041

ISBN-10 905702604X


Number of Pages 308 Pages
Language (English)


Cancer cell metabolism is a vital phenomenon of cancer biology that has been virtually ignored in the past. However, recently it has been discovered that cancer cell metabolism plays a significant role in the metabolic regulation of gene expression. Specifically, research has shown that cancer cell metabolism affects the metabolic activation of cancer drugs, the expression of metabolic therapeutic or "suicide" genes, the functions of the cell cycle including apoptosis, as well as myriads of active metabolic proteins. Cancer cell metabolism has also been shown to perform a crucial role in the vast network of signaling intracellular pathways, by activating signal transduction system and transcription factors. Because of the complex and multifaceted nature of cancer cell metabolism, a better understanding of the metabolism of cancer cells and the factors that control its expression would be of significant relevance to cancer development, cancer treatment, and cancer prevention.