ISBN 9780070636583,Case Studies In Finance : Managing For Corporate Value Creation

Case Studies In Finance : Managing For Corporate Value Creation



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9780070636583

ISBN-10 0070636583


Edition 5th
Number of Pages 840 Pages
Language (English)


The Fifth Edition includes 50 cases: 13 entirely new, five extensively updated, and nine more updated or revised. With more than half the book's cases updated from the previous edition, instructors can be confident they have at hand the most current case content available. Topics covered in the new cases include capital budgeting, the pitfalls of momentum growth, the financial effects of captial structure change, and the decision to take a company public. The new cases center on companies familiar to students, including General Electric, Boeing, FedEx, and Krispy Kreme. A new chapter is devoted entirely to ethics in finance, a crucial topic for today's students. Several cases focus oninvestment decisions by companies and explore what it means to think like an investor. The text consistently emphasizes that value creation should be an enduring focus of concern because it is the foundation of survival and prosperity of the business. The cases in this book exercise valuation analysis over a wide range of assets, debt, equities, and options, and a wide range of perspectives, such as investor, creditor, manager, and government. An important premise of these cases is that managers should take cues from the capital markets. The cases illustrate important players in the capital markets; exercise students' abilities to interpret capital market conditions; explore the design of financial securities; and help students understand the implications of transparency of the firm to investors, and the impact of news about the firm in an efficient market. These cases illustrate the immense practicality of finance theory in sorting out the issues facing managers, assessing alternatives, and illuminating the effects of any particular choice. A number of cases present practical ethical dilemmas or moral hazards facing managers. Most of the cases call for action plans rather than mere analysis or description of a problem. "Socrates'Muse" a helpful manual written by Robert Bruner, is available to assist instructors in teaching their class using cases. A new custom-crafted website includes spreadsheet templates for use with the cases