ISBN 9780070148888,Cash And Derivatives Markets In Foreign Exchange

Cash And Derivatives Markets In Foreign Exchange



Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780070148888

ISBN-10 0070148880


Number of Pages 208 Pages
Language (English)


The last few decades have been witness to a far greater degree of globalisation. There has been a leap in world trade and cross-border finance, and a sharp rise in the currency exposures of Indian businesses, even as exchange rates have become more volatile. For business managers, it has become more necessary than ever to understand the functioning of currency markets and instruments, especially derivatives used for hedging. The author brings his expertise and rich experience of several decades in this field, in the book "Cash and Derivatives Markets in Foreign Exchange" to provide the reader with an understanding of the functioning of currency markets and its instruments. A companion volume to his book Currency Exposures and Derivatives: Risk, Hedging, Speculation and Accounting-A Corporate Treasurer's Handbook, this book is divided into two parts, covering: Domestic and global cash markets in foreign exchange, overview of global financial markets, and exchange rate movements. Domestic and global derivatives markets in foreign exchange: forwards and futures, swaps and options Table of content :- Section I 1. Foreign Exchange Rates 2. Foreign Exchange Markets 3. Exchange Arithmetic 4. Global Financial Markets: An Overview 5. Exchange Rate Movements and Managing Currency Risks Section II 6. Markets In Currency Derivatives 7. Futures and FRAs 8. Interest Rate and Currency Swaps the Global Market 9. USD: INR Swaps 10. Option Contracts 11. Pricing and Hedging Options: Basic Principles 12. Credit and Commodity Derivatives