ISBN 9788192066943,Caught in a Storm

Caught in a Storm


Zorba Publishers



Zorba Publishers

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788192066943

ISBN-10 8192066940


Number of Pages 206 Pages
Language (English)


Aditi Preston is a woman who has everything any woman could dream of - beauty, intelligence and a husband that cares more for her than he cares for himself. Both of them work in the same office - the Pool Corporation. Everything is perfect in her life. Aditi's best friend Kate who was crushed by her divorce, falls in love again, with Tim, who also happens to be the vice president of the Pool Corporation. They soon decide to get married. Tim and John, Aditi's husband, were on their way to make the wedding arrangements, when they meet with an accident, that kills them both. It was all it took. Aditi's fate changed in the blink of an eye. Unable to cope with the tragedy Kate commits suicide. Aditi finds that she has lost everything she ever had, except her sister Dana, who is now her only support. After a month of the tragedy Aditi decides to join office again, to escape her recurrent nightmares. She thought that things couldn't get any worse, only if she knew. The day she joins office she finds a letter on her table that will change everything

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