ISBN 9789351760443,CBSE All in One INFORMATICS PRACTICES Class 12th



R Umesh Kumar



Arihant Publication

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351760443

ISBN-10 9351760448


Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 302 Pages
Language (English)

Entrance Exam Preparation

All-in-one Informatics Practices has been designed for the students studying in Class 12th following the CBSE curriculum. Written by an examiner with years of experience in the subject, this book contains the explanation of various concepts covered under the CBSE Class 12th Informatics Practices curriculum. The book provides guidance to the students starting from the stage of learning, to practicing what has been learnt and at last assessing the concepts learnt and practiced. The whole syllabus has been divided into 14 chapters namely computer networking, open source concepts, Java programming, access specifiers and commonly used libraries, inheritance in Java, database connectivity to MySQL, web application development, HTML based web covering tags, fundamentals of database, grouping records using group functions, constraints and joining tables, front-end interface, back-end database and Front-end and database connectivity, covering CBSE Class 12th Informatics Practices syllabus. The book has been designed strictly in sync with the latest syllabus and each chapter has been divided into individual topics for better understanding. Every individual topic contains detailed theory supported by illustrations, tables, flow charts, etc, which will help in effective comprehension of the concepts. The questions given in each chapter have been grouped as very short answer type, short answer type and long answer type questions. These questions cover all Previous Years examination questions, CBSE Textbook questions as well as other important questions from the examination point of view. Solutions and explanations to all the questions have been given to facilitate easy learning and understanding. Scale Your Preparedness, a small test that has been given at the end of each chapter which will help the students in assessing their level of understanding. For thorough practice and to give students a real feel of the examination, two solved and three unsolved sample question papers have been given after the chapter-wise study. CBSE examination paper 2014 (Delhi and All India) has been given at the end of the book to give the students an insight into the current exam pattern and types of questions asked therein. A complete book in itself, this book will serve as a true companion and a guide on your way of achieving highest grades in Class 12 Informatics Practices CBSE examination.