ISBN 9788120348004,Cell And Molecular Biology : A Lab Manual

Cell And Molecular Biology : A Lab Manual



PHI learning Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788120348004

ISBN-10 8120348001


Number of Pages 156 Pages
Language (English)


This laboratory guide, intended for undergraduate and postgraduate students, includes techniques and their protocols ranging from microscopy to in vitro protein synthesis. Experiments relating to chromosomes study and identifying the phases of cell division are explained. The book lucidly deals with the extraction and characteri-zation of chromatin and techniques for studying its modifications, the gene methodology for identification of mutation and the methodology for isolation of nucleic acids from all types of organisms, such as viruses, fungi, plants and animals. All the protocols have been explained following step-by-step method. Different types of electrophoresis and their techniques, including blotting techniques and the methodology for stripping of probes from membranes for reusing the blot, have also been dealt with. Protocols on modern molecular biology techniques-PCR, restriction enzyme digest, DNA isolation, cloning and DNA sequencing-add weightage to the book. It also gives necessary knowledge of different types of stains, staining techniques, buffers, reagents and media used in the protocols.To help students prepare for answering viva voce questions, the book includes MCQs based on the discussed techniques.