ISBN 9788189835125,Central Asia Under the Mongols

Central Asia Under the Mongols


G.D. Gulati


Dev Books



Dev Books

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788189835125

ISBN-10 8189835122

Hard Back

Number of Pages 209 Pages
Language (English)


This study deals with Central Asia under the Mongols. It begins with a critical survey of ecological factors and their impact in making Central Asia as a specific region. The author examines in details the rise of the Mongol power under Chingiz Khan and his successors. The work in particular unfolds the story of the growth of the Chaghatais power in the region. Its focus is on the nature of Chaghatai Qaidu regime in Central Asia and also their relations with neighbouring powers including China and India. The author for the first time brings out large commercial networks and expansion of trading activities in Cental Asia during this period. In other words this book is a significant addition to the history of Central Asia in medieval times. G.D. Gulati, Ph. D from University of Delhi specializes in Medieval India History. At present he is Associate Professor at Satyawati College, University of Delhi. His earlier work is on Indias North West Frontier in Pre-Mughal Times (Delhi, 1985). Besides he has contributed a number of research papers and book reviews in national and international journals. Currently is working on the biography of Chingiz Khan.