ISBN 9789351414049,Central Hindu School Entrance Exam 2014 Study Guide For Class Ix

Central Hindu School Entrance Exam 2014 Study Guide For Class Ix



Arihant Publication

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789351414049

ISBN-10 9351414043


Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 544 Pages
Language (English)

Entrance Exam Preparation

For admitting students in Class 9th in the Central Hindu School, the Banaras Hindu University conducts the Entrance Examination every year. The entrance examination for the admissions in the Central Hindu School is conducted on National Level and large numbers of students apply for the same. The present study package for entrance test of Central Hindu School has been divided into five parts - Mathematics, General Science, Social Science, English and Hindi. Each section given in the book has been divided into number of chapters, each containing relevant theoretical content along with ample number of solved examples. The General Science section covers Physics, Chemistry and Biology, whereas the Social Science section covers History, Geography and Civics in detail. Also each chapter in all the section contains practice exercises with questions designed exactly on the lines of the questions asked in previous years' entrance examinations. Hints and solutions to the practice exercises have been given at the end of each chapter. Also solutions to some of the practice questions have been given in detail for effective understanding of the concepts. The book also contains 2012 & 2013 Solved Papers of Central Hindu School Entrance Exam to help students get an insight into the current examination pattern of Central Hindu School Entrance Exam for admission to Class 9th. As the book has been designed strictly according to the examination pattern and contains ample number of solved and unsolved questions, it for sure will help the aspirants clear the entrance test for admission to Class 9th in Central Hindu School. Table of Contents: Solved Paper 2013 Solved Paper 2012 Mathematics Square and Square Root Cube and Cube Root Rational Exponent Algebraic Expression and Division LCM and HCF Linear Equation in One Variable Ratio and Proportion Percentage Profit and Loss Simple and Compound Interest Work and Time Time and Distance Lines and Angles Triangles Quadrilateral Circle Area of Rectilinear Figures Volume and Surface Area Statistics General Science Physics: Force and Pressure Light and Optical Instruments Magnetism Electricity Chemistry: Carbon Combustion and Flame Rocks, Minerals and Metallurgy Metals and their Properties Man-made Materials Biology: Cell and Cell Division Growth and Reproduction in Plants Human System Nutrition Health and Diseases Ecology and Environment Pest and Pest Control Social Science History Ancient India Medieval India Modern India World Wars United Nations Organization Geography Solar System The Earth Lithosphere, Atmosphere and Hydrosphere Indian Geography Civics Constitution of India Organs of Government Judiciary Forms of Government and Panchayati Raj Five Year Plans English Articles One Word Substitution Spelling Test Preposition Subject-Verb Concord Voice Direct and Indirect Speech Transformation Word Order