ISBN 9788185002682,Chachnamah Retold : An Account of The Arab Conquest of Sindh

Chachnamah Retold : An Account of The Arab Conquest of Sindh



Bibliophile South Asia

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788185002682

ISBN-10 8185002681

Hard Back

Number of Pages 229 Pages
Language (English)


The Chachnamah is the oldest history of Sindh and an absorbing account of the conquest of Sindh by the Arabs under the stewardship of Mohammad Qasim. It was one time thought of as a romance like the 'Arabian Nights', but ever since Elphinstone rehabilitated its real character, there has been no doubt as to its being a history. In fact it is now considered to be the only source of history of the time available with us and has therefore gained importance. The Chachnamah is a Persian translation of an Arabic manuscript about the conquest of Sindh and parts of Hind (India) by the Arabs, written by Ali, son of Kufi, originally of Kufah, but subsequently a resident of Uch, in 613 A.H. (1216 A.D.). The English translation was completed by Mirza Kalichbeg Fredunbeg in the year 1900. It was subsequently reprinted by Rana Saad in 2004 in the U.S.