ISBN 9788179929452,Chakra Mantras

Chakra Mantras



Jaico Publishing House

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788179929452

ISBN-10 8179929450


Number of Pages 288 Pages
Language (English)


LIBERATE YOUR SPIRITUAL GENIUS THROUGH CHANTING ACHIEVE YOUR HIGHEST SPIRITUAL STATE THROUGH CHANTING In CHAKRA MANTRAS, Thomas Ashley-Farrand, a preeminent authority on yogic mantras, reminds us that consciousness is anchored to the physical plane. He writes that we all must "re-evolve" and elevate back up to cosmic consciousness, and he shows us how to do just that. With the help of healing sounds and chakra mantras, we can make the journey back to mind and spirit. Chakras are powerful energy transformers and mantras are energy processing centers in the subtle body along the spine. By working with sound mantras you can activate your secret chakras, which contain the keys to our spiritual progress. Ashley-Farrand's knowledge rests upon a solid foundation of the practice of Sanskrit mantras - spiritual formulas of immense and specific influence that are matrices of sound energy and can bring the power represented by gods and goddesses to each of us. If we combine the talent within our "spiritual genes" with dedication and effort, the promise of those "genes" can become "genius."

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