ISBN 9788185616650,Chalcolithic Pottery Paintings

Chalcolithic Pottery Paintings



Sharada Publishing House

Publication Year 2000

ISBN 9788185616650

ISBN-10 8185616655

Hard Back

Number of Pages 252 Pages
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Arts & Crafts

The Chalcolithic cultures had grown in the river valleys of the Central India and Deccan. These cultures of the Copper Age flourished primarily along the river valleys of the Narmada, the Chambal and Son and their tributaries. These Chalcolithic people were illiterate. There is no evidence of any written script. The only decipherable records of this civilisation are the pottery paintings on the sherd of broken earthen ware discovered at many of these ancient sites. These simple and elegant paintings open up an ethno-universe of surprising diversity and vibrance.
Dr. Datta, has carried out a fascinating study of these Chalcolithic pottery paintings. She has painstakingly compiled a compendium of the various motifs, designs of human and animal figures encountered in these paintings, and has analysed and classified them in detail. She discovered regional stylistic variations and unique creative expressions that characterised the paintings found in each river valley. She has opened up an entire ethno-universe of great beauty and primaeval splendour