ISBN 9789383316489,Challenges of Arms Control in South Asia

Challenges of Arms Control in South Asia



Gaurav Book Centre Pvt. Ltd

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789383316489

ISBN-10 9383316489

Hard Back

Number of Pages 312 Pages
Language (English)

India & South Asia

Many reasons underscore the importance of arms control in South Asia, but two factors stand out critical and compelling. South Asia is a crisis and war-prone region and a probable nuclear flash point. To reduce the likelihood of war and forestall nuclear use, arms control between India and Pakistan is critically important. India and Pakistan confront severe human security challenges, and they have not made significant progress in human development yet, the two countries allocate more resources to defense than to other pressing social sector needs. India and Pakistan need to stop their potentially ruinous competitive arms build-ups and divert those funds to sectors that contribute to human development and strengthen human security. For this, they need to pursue arms control. Finally, at the global level, India is only likely to play a more positive role if it can be convinced that nuclear arms control reinforces its security interests and accepts that it need not weaponize its nuclear capability. China, as India's largest neighbour and a nuclear weapon state, can contribute on both scores. Still, India's choice between the alternatives of nuclear arms control and nuclear armament will not ultimately be the result of a threat from China, or even of relations with Pakistan, but of considerations of international power and influence. This book provides deep insight to various dimensions of issues relating to development of this subject.