ISBN 9788121200073,Champa: History And Culture of An Indian Colonial Kingdom In The Far East 2Nd-16Th Century A.D.

Champa: History And Culture of An Indian Colonial Kingdom In The Far East 2Nd-16Th Century A.D.



Gyan Publishing House

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788121200073

ISBN-10 8121200075

Hard Back

Number of Pages 550 Pages
Language (English)

Culture & customs

The study of Indian civilization must be regarded imperfect so long as we do not take into account the achievements of Indians in the South East Asian regions. The study of greater India is bound to be of absorbing interest to every student of history. But very little has been written in English on the subject, the only exceptions being the monumental contributions of Dr. R.C. Majumdar., , The present volume deals with the ancient History and civilization of Champa, one of the Indian Colonial Kingdoms in the Far East, which corresponded to some parts of present Laos and Vietnam., , Book I of the work is devoted to the chronological history of Champa, from the 2nd century to the 16th cent. A.D. while Book II studies and interprets Religion civilization and art and Architecture of the country during the same period., , Although The Author has derived some help from Maspero's Le Royaume du Champa, he has utilized the inscriptions and other source materials since brought into light, and has therefore, greatly deviated from the above mentioned work. The author has discussed, not only the political history, but also all aspects of the civilization, viz., administrative system, social and economic conditions, art and architecture religious beliefs and practices, at great length. A full chapter has been devoted to the interpretation of the data relating to the Cham art and its origin., , A special feature of this volume is a complete collection of inscriptions discovered in Champa, hitherto not published at one place along with an independent tradition.