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ISBN 9789381448984

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Chanakya was both a destructive and creative thinker able to annihilate an established empire and erect and establish another larger, richer and greater on the debris, without money, material and man. So, he is the only qualified person in human history to be Guru; Acharya; Teacher; Guide and Mentor in the field of Management. With his super mind and supreme determination he succeeded in everything and everywhere; and wrote down everything without inhibitions or secrecy for the posterity in his three monumental works: Chanakya Niti; Chanakya Suttra and Kautilya Arthashastra. read this book Chanakya: Rules of Governance by the Guru of Governance for all the details of his life; legendary books, and secrets of success in any or every field of Management. Born in 1945, Prof. Prasoon served bihar University as a teacher of English from July 1972 to January 2005. Throughout his life, Prof. Prasoon has followed the dictum: k?vya-sh?stra-vinodena k?lo gachchati dheemat?m. Among his more than fifty published works there are various collection of poems in Hindi, English, Samskrit, Bhojpuri besides many general books in Hindi and English. His works on Spirituality and Religions are among the best sellers.His five books on Management have brought into light the ancient, remote, forgotten and most effective theories of Management.