ISBN 9789382277095,Chanakya's: New Manifesto To Resolve The Crisis Within India

Chanakya's: New Manifesto To Resolve The Crisis Within India


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Aleph Book Company

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789382277095

ISBN-10 9382277099


Number of Pages 248 Pages
Language (English)

Political science & theory

Bose In Nazi Germany Documents The Time Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Spent In Germany Trying To Enlist Hitler'S Help In Freeing India From British Rule. Summary Of The Book Bose In Nazi Germany Details The Time Spent By The Nationalist Leader Subhash Chandra Bose In Germany And How He Earned The Epithet Of Netaji During This Period. Bose Was A Revolutionary, A Man Driven By Passion. He Dreamt Of A Fully Independent, Socialist India. And, He Was In A Hurry To See This Vision Translated Into Reality As Soon As Possible. Bose Initially Worked With The Indian National Congress, Alongside Gandhiji. Later Though, He Began To Lose Faith In Gandhi'S Pacifist And Non-Violent Ideas. He Believed That More Direct Action Was Needed To Realize India'S Independence From British Rule. These Differences Lead To A Split With Gandhiji And Ultimately Bose Quit The Congress Party. When The Second World War Broke Out, Bose Decided That It Was An Ideal Opportunity To Shake Off British Rule. He Saw The Enemy'S Enemy As An Ally. So, He Decided To Approach Hitler'S Nazi Germany For Help In Freeing India. When The Congress Leaders Were Supporting The Allied Forces In The War Against The Fascist Countries, Bose Traveled To Germany Via Afghanistan And The Soviet Union, To Seek A Meeting With Hitler. He Had To Wait For A Year For That Meeting To Take Place. In The Waiting Period, Bose Married A German Woman And By The Time He Left Germany He Also Had A Daughter. There Are Few Records About This Period In Subhash Chandra Bose'S Life. The Author Has Sifted Carefully Through Many Sources To Piece Together This Story Of The Netaji'S Time In Germany. Bose In Nazi Germany Traces This Period From The Beginning To The End. How He Reached Germany, His Reception In Germany By Nazi Leaders, His Meetings With Other German Leaders Before He Finally Managed To See Hitler, Everything Is Detailed In This Book, As Also Are Other Aspects Of His Life In That Country During The War. Shedding Light On An Interesting Account Of A Little Known Period In The Life Of One Of The Greatest Revolutionary Leaders Of India, Bose In Nazi Germany Is A Well Researched Chronicle That Is A Good Addition To The History Archives Of India'S Nationalist Movement. About Romain Hayes Romain Hayes Is A Historian. Bose In Nazi Germany Is His First Book. Romain Hayes Is A Historian Who Specializes In The History Of Colonialism, Nationalism, And Fascism. During His Research Into German Foreign Policy During The Second World War, He Became Interested In The Relationship Between The Nazis And India'S Nationalist Leader Subhash Chandra Bose. This Resulted In The Book, Bose In Nazi Germany. He Is Currently Concentrating On The Indo-Japanese Relationship During The Second World War.