ISBN 9788178359304,Change in the Life Style Among Iranian

Change in the Life Style Among Iranian


Anjali Kurane



Kalpaz Publications

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788178359304

ISBN-10 8178359308

Hard Back

Number of Pages 202 Pages
Language (English)


A lifestyle is something located at a junction between styles of living and living conditions. 'Lifestyle' is a collection of interpretations, values, behaviours, modes and different tastes in different subjects from music to art. Lifestyle is related to personal identity, because it tells a special story that a person chooses for his/her own identity against others. Concept of 'Lifestyle' means adaptation of one style approach in life. With modernisation and urbanisation, many changes have been brought in the family structure, lifestyle and attitude. Modernization in urban society affects women attitude toward 'Lifestyle', socio- cultural and socio- economic activities modernization provides them with a vast array of new beliefs, values, behaviour, patterns and habits. The present study shows that there is a change in the lifestyle of leisure time activities, socio-economic life, educational life, political life and attitude toward vital characteristics of the women in Tonekabon city. There is a change in the lifestyle among women in Tonekabon city as long as material culture is concerned but there is not much change in the lifestyle of nonmaterial culture of women in Tonekabon city.