ISBN 9780385611251,Charlie Small: The Daredevil Desperados of Destiny

Charlie Small: The Daredevil Desperados of Destiny


Charlie Small



David Fickling Books

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780385611251

ISBN-10 0385611250


Number of Pages 208 Pages
Language (English)

Adventure stories

This fourth volume of Charlie Small's journal was found under unusual circumstances.Told of a sighting of Charlie, one of our intrepid editors packed their bags and by plane, hot air balloon and donkey, travelled to the valley where Charlie had last been seen. Charlie Small wasn't there. Our agent searched high and low and lower still. She did meet a skinny gunslinger in a bar who said he'd never heard of Charlie Small. But our editor had already spotted a familiar-looking notebook propped behind a bottle at the back of the bar. She slipped it into her pocket when the outlaw's back was turned . . . and this is it!

Having escaped the clutches of the evil Puppet Master, Charlie joins Wild Bob Ffrance's gang, The Daredevil Desperados of Destiny, whose sole aim is to get rid of the outragious outlaw, Horatio Ham, and his band of hired gunslingers. Charlie, aka The Lariat Kid, brings down Ham's posse of gunslingers, takes part in a daring bank raid, is caught up in a ferocious gunfight, lands up in jail, and is about to be sacrificed to The Great Bird of Death.

Will Charlie escape? Will Ham be defeated? Only by reading Charlie's extraordinary diaries will you find out . . .