ISBN 9789381394373,Chaurahe Par Seedhiyan

Chaurahe Par Seedhiyan


Hind Yugm



Hind Yugm

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789381394373

ISBN-10 9381394377


Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 192 Pages
Language (Hindi)

Short stories

This is the collection of Hindi short stories which was best selling book in Hindi fiction category. This is the 2nd edition of the title. These stories comprise a world revolving around the relationship between man and woman. What keeps the reader glued to the stories is the writers way of rendering the normal day-to-day incidents with unconventional metaphors and images, leaving the reader overwhelmed. The characters and situations evolving out of these incidents, however, do not turn these stories into mere escapist fantasies, but pull the reader towards themselves, painting a live picture of all the characters creating a sense of deja-vu.

The stories do not seek perfection in human lives by passing judgments of any kind, but encompass the complexity of the minutest of human emotions, weaving a melancholic but realistic face of life. The protagonists, often caught in a web of life in the strands of love, lust and emotions, keep going to-and-fro, tossing like a boat on the waves of their physical and sentimental world.

The stories run in a style which is poetic in narration, carrying the knowledge that rises after experiencing the adversities of life. This not only compels the reader to read the stories uninterrupted on his computers screen, but also hold the writer accountable for hypnotizing him with his words.

About the Author
Kishore Choudhary is a writer and Radio Broadcaster from Barmer (Rajasthan). He may be living in a far-off place like Barmer (Rajasthan), but he has followers not only within the country, but also abroad. Through his two blogs, he has reached far and wide, Kishore is a classic example of what on online media can do as a tool of communication, when you are practically sitting in the farthest end of the country, with no access to literary festivals and the likes. Kishore has created his fan following base purely out of his blog and he now has wide reader base coming to his blog from all across the globe.

With simple yet unique metaphors drawn from the culture and place he belongs, Kishore writes about feelings that are universal - love, pain, loss, fear, loneliness, companionship, hope and fantasy. His stories are that of longingness, of relationships gone awry, of heartbreaks and betrayals, and yet there is a sense of hope and life that continues to flow. Most of the readers and followers that he has are from far-flung places and Tier II cities, who would want to read him but wouldn't know how to. Not only that, he has a wide listener base also, which is awaiting his work to be published. Kishore's columns in local newspapers of Rajasthan are immensely popular, and he is a known name in the literary circles. If his collection of short stories are available online, it is sure to find to many takers from across the Hindi hinterland. The number of followers on Facebook and the two blogs that he has stand testimony to that.