ISBN 9789382688815,CHE-02 Inoganic Chemistry

CHE-02 Inoganic Chemistry

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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789382688815

ISBN-10 9382688811


Number of Pages 338 Pages
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CHE-2 Inorganic Chemistry CONTENTS COVERED Block1 Periodicity and sBlock Elements Unit1 The Periodic Table Unit2 Periodicity Unit3 Hydrogen Unit4 Alkali Metals Unit5 Alkaline Earth Metals Block2 pBlock ElementsI Unit6 Elements of Group 13 Unit7 Elements of Group 14 Unit8 Elements of Group 15 Block3 pBlock Elements II Unit9 Elements of Group 16 Unit10 Elements of Group 17 Unit11 Elements of Group 18 Block4 dBlock fBlock Elements Unit12 Transition Elements Unit13 InnerTransition Elements Unit14 Coordination Compounds Unit15 Isolation and Purification of Metals QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution PaperJune 2011 2. Solution Paper Dec 2011 3.Solution Paper June 2012 4.Solution Paper Dec 2012 5. Solution Paper June 2013