ISBN 9780340985052,Chemistry for the IB Diploma

Chemistry for the IB Diploma



Hodder Education

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780340985052

ISBN-10 0340985054

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Number of Pages 628 Pages
Language (English)


Chemistry has been written specially for students following the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. The book exactly follows the syllabus order: the main sections within chapters refer to the syllabus subtopics, and the latest syllabus requirements are covered in full. This is invaluable in helping teachers to design a course that suits their own individual circumstances, and for students when the time comes for revision.

The text is is written in straightforward language, uncluttered by phrases or idioms that might confuse students for whom English is a second language; the depth of treatment of topics carefully reflects the objectives and action verbs in which the syllabus assessment statements are phrased. Self-assessment questions appear throughout each Topic, not only reinforcing learning but also familiarizing students with the assessment implications of the action verbs. There is also extension work, to stretch the more able students. Theory of Knowledge (TOK) links appear at appropriate points in most Topics and offer opportunities for cross-curriculum study. There are also History of Chemistry, Language of Chemistry, Applications of Chemistry, Chemical Demonstration and Chemistry and Literature sections throughout the book.

Topics are covered in syllabus order, so students and teachers can see exactly how the latest requirements of the syllabus are covered. Clear and detailed explanations provide students with an accessible yet comprehensive coverage of all Standard and Higher Level topics as well as all seven Options. Self-assessment questions throughout each Topic, and sample IB Exam questions at the end ensure students are familiar with the requirements of the syllabus (including action verbs) and provide thorough exam preparation. The text has been written from an international perspective and includes sections on the History, Language and applications of Chemistry as well as providing Theory of Knowledge (TOK) links. The CD contains the teaching material for all seven Options.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Quantitative chemistry
Chapter 2: Atomic structure
Chapter 3: Periodicity
Chapter 4: Bonding
Chapter 5: Energetics
Chapter 6: Kinetics
Chapter 7: Equilibrium
Chapter 8: Acids and bases
Chapter 9: Oxidation and reduction
Chapter 10: Organic chemistry
Chapter 11: Measurement
Chapter 12: Atomic structure
Chapter 13: Periodicity
Chapter 14: Bonding
Chapter 15: Energetics
Chapter 16: Kinetics
Chapter 17: Equilibrium
Chapter 18: Acids and bases
Chapter 19: Oxidation and reduction
Chapter 20: Organic chemistry
Option A Modern analytical chemistry
Option B Human biochemistry
Option C Chemistry in industry and technology
Option D Medicines and drugs
Option E Environmental chemistry
Option F Food chemistry
Option G Further organic chemistry