ISBN 9780199667932,Chemistry: Inorganic, Organic and Physical

Chemistry: Inorganic, Organic and Physical



Oxford University Press India

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9780199667932

ISBN-10 0199667934


Language (English)


On reading the background information provided for this text, I could immediately see the potential benefit of such a book for first year undergraduate students studying chemistry or related courses. I believe that with the increased coverage, combined with the attractive layout and writing style, this text will be very well accepted by the staff and students of Chemistry Departments, particularly in the UK." --Mike Hird, University of Hull "I was particularly impressed by the way in which the physical basis of key mathematical equations was presented and discussed in clear simple language. The authors adopt the approach taken by myself in my lectures, in which I attempt to convey to the students the sense that an equation is not only a jumble of arcane symbols but contains a clear meaning which can be subjected to a clear and concise explanation and interpretation." --Mike Lyons, Trinity College, Dublin "Where it is superior, is in its ability to actually teach the students rather than just lecture to them." --James Barker, University of Kingston "It is such a great book and I am sure that my OUP rep is sick of me calling her and raving about it! Chapter 13 is stunning-it is so well written and it so easy to teach from. The authors have obviously been involved in chemistry education." --Mark Ellison, Australian National University "This is a book that shines out amongst so many other graduate texts in the field of chemistry. It does not try to encompass the whole of a degree course in a single text; rather it addresses the specific needs of the first year undergraduate. It does so in a refreshingly open and 'familiar way'." --Reviews, The Higher Education Academy UK Physical Sciences Centre "In view of its quality and advantageous price this book is especially recommended to its target au