ISBN 9789351769095,Chhatishgarh PPT 2015 Pre-Polytechnic Entrance Exam

Chhatishgarh PPT 2015 Pre-Polytechnic Entrance Exam



Arihant Publication

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351769095

ISBN-10 9351769097


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 460 Pages
Language (English)

Study Aids & Exam Preparation

The Chhattisgarh professional examination board, raipur conducts the Pre - Polytechnic Test (PPT) for admission to various diploma courses in different technical institutions of the state. This book has been designed for candidates preparing for Chhattisgarh PPT entrance exam 2015.

This study package for Chhattisgarh PPT 2015 has been divided into three sections namely Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics each covering the syllabus of Chhattisgarh PPT in detail. The Chemistry section covers Elements, Mixtures & Compounds, Atomic Structure, Aluminum, Water, Valency, Catalysis, Fuels, Different Chemical Reactions, etc, whereas the Physics sections contains Gravitation, Simple Harmonic Motion, Current Electricity, Reflection of Light, Wave Motion, Refraction of Light, Thermodynamics, Electromagnetism, Hydrostatics, etc and the Mathematics section covers Taxation, Volume & Surface Area, Logarithms, Linear Equations, Factorization, Statistics, Area, Geometry, Rational Expressions, Time & Work, HCF & LCM, Indices & Surds, etc. The book covers the entire Chhattisgarh PPT 2015 syllabus in detail. The book contain sample number of solved and unsolved questions designed according to the recent examination pattern of Chhattisgarh PPT. Hints and solutions have been provided for the unsolved practice exercises given at the end of each chapter. All the questions provided in the book have been designed according to the recent examination pattern of Chhattisgarh PPT. Also 2014 solved paper of Chhattisgarh PPT has been provided in the book to help candidates get an insight into the examination pattern of Chhattisgarh PPT.

As the book has been designed according the current examination pattern and contain sample number of solved & unsolved questions based on the types of questions asked in the recent PPT, it will act as a perfect resource book for the upcoming Chhattisgarh PPT 2015.
Table of contents: -
Solved Paper 2014

Part 1: Mathematics
1. Number System
2. HCF and LCM
3. Indices and Surds
4. Rational Expressions
5. Sets, Relations and Functions
6. Logarithms
7. Linear Equations
8. Quadratic Equations
9. Factorization of Polynomials
10. Simple Interest and Compound Interest
11. Banking
12. Taxation
13. Time and Distance
14. Time and Work
15. Area
16. Volume and Surface Area
17. Geometry
18. Rectangular Coordinates, Straight Lines, Family of Lines
19. Trigonometric Ratios
20. Trigonometric Identities
21. Height and Distance
22. Statistics

Part 2: Physics
1. Measurement
2. Vector and Motion
3. Laws of Motion
4. Work, Power and Energy
5. Gravitation
6. Simple Pendulum, Wave Motion
7. Hydrostatics
8. Kinetic Theory of Matters
9. Heat and Thermal Expansion
10. Thermodynamics
11. Transmission of Heat
12. Reflection of Light
13. Refraction of Light
14. Optical Instruments
15. Electrostatic
16. Electric Current
17. Magnetic Effect of Current
18. Electromagnetic Induction

1. Elements, Mixtures and Compounds
2. Laws of Chemical Combination and Gas Laws
3. Atomic Structure
4. Valency
5. Concept of Atomic, Molecular and Equivalent Masses
6. Electrochemistry, Acids, Bases, Salt and Hydrolysis
7. Catalysis
8. Different Chemical Reactions
9. Periodic Classification of Elements
10. Water
11. Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Chlorine
12. Ammonia, Sulphur dioxide, Hydrogen Sulphide and Hydrogen Chloride
13. Metals, Non - Metals and Metallurgy
14. Zero Group Elements
15. Important Chemical Compounds
16. Fuels
17. Hydrocarbons
18. Industrial Chemistry