ISBN 9788178299112,Children and Youth with Asperger Syndrome : Strategies for Success in Inclusive Settings

Children and Youth with Asperger Syndrome : Strategies for Success in Inclusive Settings


Brenda Myles


Sage South Asia



Sage South Asia

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788178299112

ISBN-10 8178299119


Number of Pages 196 Pages
Language (English)


Asperger syndrome (AS) is a disorder in the autism spectrum, and students with AS suffer from similar, though milder, symptoms as students with autism. Classroom teachers who are responsible for planning for and teaching students with AS generally have not been provided the skills and knowledge to do so. Crafting and implementing plans for students is nearly impossible without a clear understanding of the disorder, or clearly defined instructional methods and strategies. Children and Youth With Asperger Syndrome provides important strategies in teaching children and youth diagnosed with AS. This essential resource for teachers and other educators presents research-based, instructional, behavioral, and environmental strategies for teachers, including: - Adaptations for success in general education settings - Environmental modifications, including visual supports and organizational strategies - Technology accommodations - Transition planning - Emotional, behavioral, and social supports Children and youth with AS are often misunderstood. These individuals have great potential that frequently remains unrealized because the modifications they require to be successful are not made. By using the practical strategies in this guide, however, educators can at last effectively meet the needs of students with AS. Table of Contents Foreword STEPHEN SHORE Introduction: Characteristics of Children and Youth With Asperger Syndrome Adaptations for Success in General Education Settings JILL HUDSON Environmental Modification ANASTASIA HUBBARD Academic Modifications ANASTASIA HUBBARD Emotional and Behavioral Supports DIANE ADREON Social Skills Supports Assistive Technology Supports SEAN J SMITH, MARIANGELES MURPHY-HERD, DANIEL ALVARADO and NANCY GLENNON Making Each Year Successful: Issues in Transition RONDA L SCHELVAN, TERRI COOPER SWANSON and SHEILA M SMITH References Index