ISBN 9788131501955,Chip Design For Submicron Vlsi: Cmos Layout & Simulation W/Cd

Chip Design For Submicron Vlsi: Cmos Layout & Simulation W/Cd


Nelson Engineering



Nelson Engineering

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788131501955

ISBN-10 8131501957

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Number of Pages 430 Pages
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The text is organized around first introducing the global view of digital integrated circuit design, VLSI and design automation, and then sequentially developing the topics from the materials and devices level, up through the circuits and then system level. This mirrors the structural hierarchy of the chip design field itself. While building a solid foundation and reference for the chip design, it integrates the discussion with hands-on examples of the design automation software, included in the book, to illustrate not only the layout and simulation concepts, but also how an industry designer would put them into practice. Both theory and application are effectively integrated into a cohesive treatment of the subject and art of chip design.

Key Features
Contains a powerful CMOS layout program, Microwind. The code is fast and students can simulate a circuit using a BSIM4 MOSFET model. The 2-dimensional viewer displays the patterned layering along any selected line. The 3-dimensional simulator draws a 3D perspective view of the chip as it is fabricated.
Illustrates how material layers are patterned to create a CMOS integrated circuit in the first part of the book with Microwind.
Covers the electrical characteristics of MOSFETs as they relate to the layout. Simple analytic expressions are compared to SPICE models in Microwind.
Provides CMOS logic circuits and chip design problems in the main portion of the book. Includes a wealth of examples to help students master the material.
Students will have designed, and performed simulations and layouts of complete digital IC's using a state of the art, portable, computer-aided design tool.

Table Of Contents
Chapter 1.Installing the Microwind Software
Chapter 2.Views of a Chip
Chapter 3. CMOS Technology
Chapter 4. Using a Layout Editor
Chapter 5. CMOS Design Rules
Chapter 6. MOSFETs
Chapter 7. MOSFET Modeling with SPICE
Chapter 8. CMOS Logic Gates
Chapter 9. Standard Cell Design
Chapter 10. Storage Elements
Chapter 11. Dynamic Logic Circuits
Chapter 12. Interconnects
Chapter 13. System Layout
Chapter 14. SOI Technology
Chapter 15. Digital System Design 1
Chapter 16. Digital System Design 2
Chapter 17. Capacitors and Inductors
Chapter 18. Analog CMOS Circuits
Appendix 1. Microwind Command Summary
A.1 File
A.2 View
A.3 Edit
A.4 Simulate
A.5 Compile
A.6 Analysis
A.7 Help
A.8 Menu Bar
A.9 Other Screens
Appendix 2. Microwind CMOS Technology Files