ISBN 9788129117915,Chopped Green Chillies In Vanilla Ice Cream

Chopped Green Chillies In Vanilla Ice Cream


Sam Mukherjee


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788129117915

ISBN-10 8129117916


Number of Pages 298 Pages
Language (English)


Chinmoy Bose, a slightly overweight adolescent is uprooted from his beloved humble neighborhood in Kolkata when his parents land upon an unexpected win at a lottery. Childhood friends are distanced and school ceases to be vernacular. The despondent teenager arrives at the uppity Vanilla Apartments where he meets the best friends of his life and acquires the nickname, Tiger. He savors every single day of his newfound existence with four spirited boys, Kirit, Robin, Signal and Pluto. Vanilla Apartments is a multistoried behemoth of white cement that resembles a massive block of vanilla ice cream. It houses misfits and wannabes and islands and archipelagos. Quidnuncs and vamps complete the equation. Their spicy lives are like chopped green chilies in vanilla ice cream and there is never a dull day in the high rise. Tiger's journey with his friends is full of admiration as well as controversies. He nurtures the dream of going to America one day. Will a surprising betrayal short circuit his life's ambition or can he emerge victorious from the set back?