ISBN 9788189643027,Churchill, Roosevelt And India : Propaganda During World War Ii

Churchill, Roosevelt And India : Propaganda During World War Ii


Routledge India



Routledge India

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788189643027

ISBN-10 8189643029


Language (English)

World history

As The United States Got Drawn Into The Second World War, Pressure Increased From A Number Of Nations For India'S Independence. Winston Churchill, The British Prime Minister, Engaged In Propaganda In The Us To Convince The American Public And, Through It, Us President Franklin Roosevelt, That India Should Not Be Granted Self-Government. This Book Adroitlyunravels The Reasons Why This Propaganda Compaign Was Deemed Necessary By Churchill, And In The Process, Reveals The Campaign'S Outcomes For Nationalist Indians.
In 1942, Sir Stafford Cripps Arrived In India To Offer Limited Self-Government For The Duration Of The War. However, When Negotiations Between Britain And The Newly Convened India Committee Collapsed, The Failure Of The Talks Was Publicized In The Us As A Matter Of Indian Intransigence And Not Britain'S Failure To Negotiate --A Distortion That Critically Affected Public Opinion.