ISBN 9780070699724,Circuits And Networks: Analysis And Synthesis

Circuits And Networks: Analysis And Synthesis



Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780070699724

ISBN-10 0070699720


Edition 4th
Number of Pages 996 Pages
Language (English)

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Designed for the course on circuit analysis and synthesis, this book enables the student to have a firm grasp on the basic principles of electric circuits. It lays emphasis on the basic laws, theorems and techniques of analysis which helps to develop the ability to design practical circuits that perform the desired operations. Salient Features Balanced coverage of both AC and DC analysis techniques. Exhaustive coverage of Two-port networks and Laplace Transform Chapter on Fourier Method of Waveform Analysis Coverage of Active Filters with focus on the design of Active Filters-Butterworth & Chebyshev filters Pedagogy: 500 Solved examples 450 Practice problems 32 PSpice programs 270 Objective type questionTABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Circuit Elements and Kirchoff's Laws 2. Methods of Analyzing Circuits 3. Useful Theorems in Circuit Analysis 4. Introduction to Alternating Currents and Voltages 5. Complex Impedance 6. Power and Power Factor 7. Steady State AC Analysis 8. Resonance 9. Polyphase Circuits 10. Coupled Circuits 11. Transients 12. Fourier Method of Waveform Analysis 13. Introduction to the Laplace Transform 14. Application of the Laplace Transform in Circuit Analysis 15. S-Domain Analysis 16. Two-Port Networks 17. Filters and Attenuators 18. Elements of Realizability and Synthesis of One-Port Networks 19. An introduction to PSpice